CAD compatible software

The Ark is compatible with architect's favorite CAD softwares. We currently support Archicad, Revit, Rhino and Vectorworks. Our goal is to make it compatible with all the CAD softwares by March 2018.

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no CAD conversions

Our software automatically converts CAD files into print-ready STL files. With our plugins you select what you want to print and directly export from your CAD software to the 3D printer.


no file pre-processing or optimisation

Our plugins analyse your CAD file and automatically fixes any internal geometry errors such as holes, gaps, non-manifold components, zero-thickness walls and other common problems.

This can reduce your time spent optimising files by more than 90%.

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no software downloads

There is no need to download new softwares as our CAD plugins work with your existing CAD programs for Mac and Windows.

Our web-based printing software also works on all OS. Just connect it to your local area network and anyone with a web browser can print.