premium support

For those who demand the best user-experience, we offer a premium support package. This way you can focus your time on what you're good at: designing, not fixing complex machines.

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dedicated account manager

You get a dedicated account manager that will serve as a trusted advisor and help you successfully implement 3D printing within your firm. Moreover, your account manager will be your main point of contact in case you need support. In case your printer needs to be maintained, your account manager will send you a replacement printer while we fix yours.


waste management

We want to help architects to make more informed design decisions by prototyping more at each stage in their design process. However, this can also create waste that if not properly disposed, could end up in landfills or oceans.

We care as much as you do about turtles and the environment. Therefore, we offer to dispose waste and recycle it for new filaments.

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automated restocking of materials and supplies

We have put sensors in the printer that notify us how much you have printed and with which materials. Every time you are running low on filament, the sensors notify us to automatically send you more spools. Whenever your nozzle is in risk of getting clogged, we automatically send you more.