meet the ark

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The Ark is the first 3D printer developed especially for architects. It makes 3D printing easy, fast and efficient with the following features:


Fully automated, reliable and high-quality modular hardware

Automatic maintenance, cleaning and calibration

Easily replaceable modular nozzle

Auto-filament detection and settings auto-configuration

Print in a wide variety of biodegradable materials


Time-saving CAD compatible software

Automatic CAD to STL conversion 

Automatic file pre-processing and optimization

Web-based application that works on all operating systems


fully automated

The Ark is the only 3D printer at its price range that requires zero-maintenance. 

Forget about cleaning extruders, changing nozzles, calibrating printbeds, or setting up your printer.

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CAD compatible

The Ark is the only 3D printer that allows you to print directly from your favorite CAD software with no file conversion or optimization.

Forget about wasting hours remodelling your files, or fixing errors in your geometry just to 3D print.

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premium support

For our busiest clients, we provide an account manager, filament recycling, re-stocking of supplies and premium maintenance.

Forget about getting your hands dirty, or worrying that your waste will end up in landfills.