Our last goodbye

We started Platonics in February 2016 out of our passion for 3D printing, design and architecture.

After talking to hundreds of architects, we realized how study models had the potential to improve their design processes and help them create better homes, workspaces and cities of tomorrow. We saw 3D printing as the best way to help architects reintegrate more study models in their design processes. Fueled by this vision, Platonics became our passion.

We saw it being more than just a business, but as a means to positively impact the built environment of our future generations. For 2 years we worked our asses off like we had never done before. We made a ton of sacrifices, achieving a few successes and mistakes along the way.

However, these mistakes affected our chances of closing a Series A round and forced us to close operations months away from finalizing our 1st series production. On March 2018, we started the liquidation process and will be refunding our customers over the next couple of months.

Our story ends here. We failed on our promise of delivering the best 3D printer for architects. For this we're terribly sorry. However, we're also deeply thankful for all those who supported us. The biggest failure would have been not to try at all.

All the best,

- Jonas, Julio, Cheng and the rest of the Platonics team.

Julio Tiusanen