The first 3D printer for architects

Developed to be easy, fast and intuitive for architectural use. Improve communication and design decisions by reintroducing scale models in your daily work.


Our last goodbye

We started Platonics in February 2016 out of our passion for 3D printing, design and architecture.

After talking to hundreds of architects, we realized how study models had the potential to improve their design processes and help them create better homes, workspaces and cities of tomorrow. We saw 3D printing as the best way to help architects reintegrate more study models in their design processes. Fueled by this vision, Platonics became our passion.

We saw it being more than just a business, but as a means to positively impact the built environment of our future generations. For 2 years we worked our asses off like we had never done before. We made a ton of sacrifices, achieving a few successes and mistakes along the way.

However, these mistakes affected our chances of closing a Series A round and forced us to close operations months away from finalizing our 1st series production. On March 2018, we started the liquidation process and will be refunding our customers over the next couple of months.

Our story ends here. We failed on our promise of delivering the best 3D printer for architects. For this we're terribly sorry. However, we're also deeply thankful for all those who supported us. The biggest failure would have been not to try at all.

All the best,

- Jonas, Julio, Cheng and the rest of the Platonics team.


the easiest way to 3D print for architects

We make 3D printing easy, fast and intuitive by reducing the amount of work you have to do. This means that you go from file to print in just 4 easy steps.  

Our software automatically turns your CAD files into 3D printable STL files with no pre-processing, which could otherwise take you up to 10 hours of manual work. Our software takes care of that in minutes.

To make things even easier, we've reduced the maintenance to a minimum. No more clogged parts, no more cleaning.

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the 3D printer that does all the work for you

  • Plug & Play

  • Web application compatible with all OS

  • Automatically converts Archicad, Revit, Rhino & Sketchup files to print-ready STL files

  • Automatically analyzes and corrects internal geometry problems, reducing pre-processing time by up to 90%

  • Automatically calibrates and configures print settings according to used material

  • Self-cleaning and self calibrating nozzle

  • Easily replaceable modular parts

  • Open filament system


our beta-testers

Our mission is to make 3D printing easy for all architects.

To achieve this, we are not skipping any steps in creating the best possible product for our users.

This is why our 3D printer solution is currently undergoing an extensive piloting and testing program in the leading architectural offices in Finland.


other firms waiting for the ark


"There’s nothing like a physical model to explain a form. We have used 3D printing as a tool for assessing design iterations of complex forms for 12 years now. 
The challenge for us is the amount of hours our staff spends on maintenance and pre-processing files.
We couldn’t wait to get a printer that just works. That's why we're co-developing the perfect printer for architects with Platonics."


- Samuli Woolston, ALA Architects




Find out how 3D printing can help you elevate your design processes. 


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How 3D printing can make your architectural design process more efficient

Be it unleashing the full potential of your creativity or improving your communication skills, introducing 3D printing in your architectural design process can bring a big value to your architectural firm. But often the problem is not the purchase and investment of a 3D printer itself that prevents architects from using this technology but rather the lack of knowledge and doubt on how to implement it.

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3D printing will not substitute building models by hand in architecture

Models are an integral part of architecture — both for architects and everyone else. A model makes a design idea a reality that can be grasped. For architects, they can act as a communication and design tool. For the rest of us, models provide mesmerising three-dimensional visualisations of buildings and spaces. Put a scale model in the middle of a table and see how everyone forgets all about the sketches, drawings and digital modelings. 

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Scale models as a communication tool in architecture

Communication is key in successful architectural projects. Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings, guesswork and misinterpretations, ultimately saving time, money and effort. While architects are accustomed to visualizing buildings from sketches and screens, your average person is not. In this, all mediums of communication are not created equal.


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